Lo, Aziza; Colourspace

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Lo, Aziza; Colourspace

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¨Colourspace’ is an exploration of the narrative quality of colours by imagining our act of reading as visually walking, with colours as the core element of visual navigation. For graphic designers who curate graphic spaces with and array of visual elements, what role do colours play in the process of spatial navigation? How can we tell stories – speak – through colours?

By drawing inspiration from the visual experience of colour from facades, the book contains visualisations of the facade colours of four neighbourhoods in Helsinki, namely: Punavuori, Taka-Töölö, Kannelmäki, and Pikku-Huopalahti.

This book therefore introduces the concept of ’Colourspace’ – to see and curate colours holistically as a space instead of invidual entities, as a visual journey. The book sees the colour desing process as crafting a visual experience as if one is leading a visitor by hand into an experience of a house. Through the book, the author aims to encourage designers to jump outside the digital design routine, to see the invisible and to find inspiration in our mundane landspace.

This book is written and designed by Aziza Lo, as part of a master’s thesis at Aalto University.

Δ Shortlisted by Grafia – Vuoden Huiput 2024

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Kustantaja: Aalto University’s MA Visual Communication Design programme

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Julkaisuvuosi: 2023

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