Virtamo, Viola Minerva; Nordic Winter

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Virtamo, Viola Minerva; Nordic Winter

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Let Nordic flavours melt in the mouth, as you rustle up delicious treats for wintertime festivities! A charming, frosty elegance sets the mood.

Dive into a scenery of shimmering snow and the arresting sight of softly landing pristine, powdery flakes. The long and dark Nordic winter is punctuated by festivals with food in the limelight, cul-minating in the star of Christmas. Nordic Winter Cookbook offers up a feast of Nordic festive del-icacies, including the finest savoury and sweet recipes and nature-inspired DIY decorations. Deck the Christmas table with a wreath of evergreens accompanied by creamy artichoke soup, lemon-marinated salmon, traditional Finnish rosolli salad with a twist, and thyme broccoli with parme-san. Why not crown the glory with succulent cardamom cake, mouth-watering gingerbread tira-misu or caramel cheesecake served with sea buckthorn.

Take hold of every opportunity to lighten up the season through wonderful food and inviting ta-blescapes. Throw a Christmas party to toast in the special time of year: bake a loaf of archipelago bread, infuse cured salmon with gin and beetroot, freshen up whitefish tartare with apple and pre-pare a root veggie carpaccio. Just add a bottle of bubbly and you’ll have a cocktail party in full swing! Candlelight and frangipane saffron buns are the stars of the show on the coffee table to mark Saint Lucia Day. Greet in the New Year with an attractive table of blinis. Tuck into some classic salmon soup and cream-filled buns after a day of wintery fun on Shrove Tuesday.

The stunning visual aesthetic of Nordic Winter Cookbook whisks readers on a culinary journey into a winter wonderland: feast your eyes and senses on the unique season of the North. The con-temporary take on Nordic flavours makes use of local ingredients, bringing traditional recipes into the new millennium. The book also offers foodie gift ideas and no-fuss instructions for the season’s prettiest decorations.

Viola Minerva Virtamo is the author of five bestselling titles: Opiskelijabudjetilla (2016), Vege-budjetilla (2017), Sauna (2018), Eat Finland (2018) and From Oven to Table (2019), the last three published also in English. Her cookbooks reveal her handprint every step of the way: she is a mul-titalent, who takes care of everything from the concept and recipes to the photography and layout.


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Paino: 2021

Julkaisuvuosi: 2021

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